SENIA Bali May 2 Event

The May 2 workshop and networking event was a wonderful success! Thank you to all who attended and helped to make this such a rich environment of learning and sharing. The workshops included topics such as: Red Flags and What to Do, Establishing a Common Language, and Teacher Well-being. 

Ibu Wirma Yani, teacher at Green School Bali, gave this talk in Bahasa Indonesia for local teachers to inspire methods/strategies to include children with diverse needs in the classroom.

Hannah Horne, speech therapist at ProEducation, lead an activity for all teachers to share their favourite tips on what works for them in the classroom. It was interesting to hear the range of information from the different counsellors and support staff, both international and local! If you have any tips that have been effective for you and you’d like to share, in english or bahasa, please email us and we will include them in our future posting of a collection of ‘favourite tips from Bali teachers’.


Stay tuned for our next event coming soon at the Green School! 


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Surabaya to Host the 3rd International Conference on Special Ed

13 – 15 July, 2019

Shangri La Hotel, Surabaya

ICSE Conference 13-15th July 2019 – Elevating Innovation for Sustainable Development of Special Needs Education

The 3rd International Conference on Special Education (ICSE) will be hosted in Surabaya and will offer lectures, presentations, and exhibition on a variety of models of innovative and best practices in inclusive and special education. For more information and to reserve your place please follow this link.


Konferensi ICSE 13-15 Juli 2019 – Peningkatan Inovasi untuk Pengembangan Berkelanjutan Pendidikan Kebutuhan Khusus

Konferensi Internasional ke-3 tentang Pendidikan Khusus (ICSE) akan diselenggarakan di Surabaya dan akan menawarkan seminar, presentasi, dan pameran tentang berbagai model praktik inovatif dan terbaik dalam pendidikan inklusif dan khusus. Untuk informasi lebih lanjut dan memesan tempat Anda, silakan ikuti tautan ini link.