Sientania McNeil

Sientania McNeil is a Learning Support Specialist with a background in Human Rights and International Law. Her experience is in working with children, youth and adults with mild to severe intellectual, sensory and physical disabilities. Her clinical experience is in audiology, and has been part of community development projects in Zimbabwe, her home country. These include outreach audiology screening and hearing aids provision, family and student support, awareness and intervention for Autism through the Autism Society, pre-vocational and vocational training for adults with intellectual challenges at the Sunshine institution of Zimbabwe. To support local teacher capacity, special needs teacher training workshops for teachers through Arrupe Jesuit University. In international education, she has taught children from Early Childhood through to High School and has been part of establishing special needs departments in Zimbabwe and now in Cote d’Ivoire. She is passionate about educational inclusion,Human rights advocacy and sustainable job creation for adults with disabilities in Africa.