SENIA Frequently Asked Questions

What is SENIA?

The Special Education Network in Asia (SENIA) is an association of educators, professionals, and parents that exists to advocate for and provide resources/supports for differently abled individuals.  For more information about SENIA, download the SENIA Corporate Profile.

Where does SENIA get its funding?
Profits from SENIA conferences are kept in the SENIA funds. The funds are used for the SENIA awards and additional items needed for the conferences and others. SENIA is also open to receiving donations from individuals and organizations.

How do I start a local chapter in my country/city?

Organize a local meeting to see if people are interested in beginning a chapter.  Contact the SENIA board for additional guidance on setting up mini conferences or additional meetings.

How can I present a workshop at an annual conference?
The SENIA Board screens for the host institution for each SENIA conference. Workshop proposals may be submitted to the approved conference organizers for review.

How do I receive email updates and latest news from SENIA?
Those who wish to receive SENIA updates may join the mailing list by filling out this form.

What are the tasks of a SENIA board member?

A SENIA board member participates in the planning and implementation of SENIA advocacies and activities. A SENIA board members’ task includes but is not limited to coordinating SENIA conferences and coordinating the SENIA Advocacy and SENIA Student Awards. The SENIA board are also tasked to initiate new programs and activities that are directly supportive of SENIA’s mission.

Are the board members paid positions?

SENIA board members are not paid. They serve on voluntary basis.

How can our school/organization host the next conference?

Schools or organizations interested in hosting a SENIA conference may submit their hosting proposal using the official hosting proposal form found here.

How do I become a SENIA member?

The SENIA Board is currently finalizing the membership guidelines for SENIA.

With which organizations is SENIA linked?

new_earcos2013SENIA is linked to EARCOS. Every three years, EARCOS and SENIA join together for a conference. EARCOS will have a special needs strand and all members of SENIA, whether they are members of EARCOS or not are eligible to attend. This joint conference takes the place of the yearly SENIA conference.

21CL TransparentSENIA is partners with 21st Century Learning. 21st Century Learning International was started by a group of educators who wanted to better connect teachers and school leaders in Hong Kong and the region, in order to have conversations and share good practices around what learning in schools can and must like in the 21st century.


SENIA is partners with ELLSA (English Language Learning Specialists in Asia), an organisation for EAL (English as an Additional Language) teachers in Asia to connect, collaborate and advocate for teaching and learning of our students.