Today I speak to Emmy Thamakaison, a rising Grade 12 student at International School Bangkok who wrote a bilingual children’s book about a child learning about his ADHD, what it means, how he can work with it, and what gifts it can bring him, because, yes, it can be a superpower.

JJ’s Squiggly Mind was written with an aim to help destigmatize ADHD and other learning differences as a whole. And, 100% of proceeds from the sales of this book go to local charities that support students with learning differences. So, make sure to visit the website below to get your free downloadable copy for purchase Emmy’s book.

And now…onto the show. 

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Emmy Thamakaison is a student activist in Thailand, author of JJ’s Squiggly Mind, and Executive Director of SENIA Youth International. She is passionate about advocating for exceptionalities and is dedicated to giving back to the community.