Join us for a thought-provoking presentation on the transformative potential of AI in promoting inclusivity and accessibility in schools, with a focus on embracing neurodiversity. Graded College Counselor Director, Jeff Neill, will explore how artificial intelligence (AI) has the potential to revolutionize neurodiverse education. Attendees will discover a multitude of AI applications, including personalized learning experiences, social skills development, language and communication support, executive function assistance, and emotional regulation strategies. The presentation will also address how AI integration can facilitate multisensory learning, homework assistance, and the creation of inclusive classroom activities. The impact of AI on professional development for educators and resources for parents of neurodiverse learners will be discussed, highlighting the transformative potential of AI in creating a more supportive and accessible learning environment.

Join us on Zoom on Tuesday, May 16 @ 16:30 BRT!

Jeff’s Zoom Room (986 9970 5916)


We had an absolutely delightful time at our inaugural meeting, where we gathered over delectable cuisine and engaging conversation at Selvagem, nestled within the picturesque Ibirapuera Park. Our discussion revolved around the intricate joys and challenges that are part and parcel of our line of work, and we are eagerly looking forward to continuing the discourse in our next gathering. Being surrounded by fellow educators who share similar passions and struggles is nothing short of a blessing, as it offers a wealth of fresh ideas and renewed inspiration.