Lizzie Hudson, Board Chair

Special Education Teacher @ Esola Americana de Campinas

Lizzie is the Middle School Learning Support teacher at Escola Americana de Campinas. She has worked in many International schools supporting students who learn differently. With a Masters in Special and Inclusive education and a certificate in Inclusive Leadership, her focus has been on working for systemic change making schools more inclusive for all. Along with her husband, 2 children and 2 cats, Lizzie has lived in 4 different countries. When she’s not teaching, she loves running, reading, cooking, and spending time outside with her family.

Carolina Telio

Student Service Coordinator @ Esola Americana de Campinas

Carol is a Preschool and Elementary School Student Services Coordinator at Escola Americana de Campinas (EAC) working alongside children, teachers, specialists and families to support the development of social, academic and language skills. She is a psychologist and neuropsychologist drawing from experiences in a school and healthcare setting.

Annie Neill

Student Service Coordinator @ Graded – The American School of São Paulo

Annie is a lower school counselor and coordinates the Student Support Services programs. With a strong focus on positive education, Annie is dedicated to equipping students with the skills and fostering their courage to navigate their personal and academic challenges to achieve their full potential. Along with her husband, Jeff, and two children, Annie has lived and taught on 4 continents. When not enjoying recess with students, Annie loves eating her husband’s food, practicing yoga, diving (SCUBA) with her family, and spinning with friends. 

Marla Star

Optimal Learning Services Teacher @ Graded – The American School of São Paulo

Marla is an Optimal Learning Services teacher at Graded in São Paulo, Brazil. She has a Masters in Special Education and a Doctorate in Education in Educational Leadership. She started teaching in Chicago but has since lived and taught in five other countries around the world.
Marla has two cats, is an accomplished runner (57 marathons!), and as a painter, she has exhibited works in the Tokyo National Museum, Madrid, and Miguel Cervantes Avenida Paulista.