Today I speak with Pat Noonan, a special educator from Massachusetts who, during the early days of online instruction, found a way to create lessons for his students that are engaging, interactive, and fun. Pat created a series of YouTube videos that have a Blues Clues or Dora the Explorer type of format, but uses Board maker icons which help support nonverbal learners, autistic students, and well, basically all students.  Pat is an animated host and dedicated teacher. I hope you have as much fun with this episode as I did. And now…onto the show.

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Pat Noonan is the special educator behind Special Education with Pat, a YouTube channel dedicated to educational content for students with autism and intellectual disabilities. When COVID-19 forced schools to transition to remote learning, Pat’s answer was to create videos from home filled with sounds and visuals to win over his students without being there in person. He plans to continue experimenting and finding new ways to reach students like his remotely.