Inspired from last week’s podcast with Jessica Minahan regarding understanding behaviors, I was hoping to somehow learn more about student behaviors at home during this time of virtual schooling. I mean, here we all are, thrown into the role of teacher in our homes, and we’re dealing with intense feelings in ourselves and in our children. Our kids are experiencing trauma and grief of having their own schedule and routines drastically changing. So how are they acting? Well, some are really struggling, and in-turn, many of our parents are struggling too. 

While pondering all this, I happened to run across a video posted on FB from an Elementary School principal at Concordia International school in Hanoi explaining just this. Kristin Kappelman, our guest on today’s podcast put together a message for parents; a message that explains the way their children might be acting and why, and also gives strategies for how to best support them. The video is fantastic. I was so moved by her message, that I wanted you all to see it and hear it as well.


Kristin Kappelmann has been working in international schools in East and Southeast Asia since 2000 in various roles: teacher, curriculum coordinator, Elementary assistant principal, and Elementary Principal. She’s currently the ES Principal at Concordia International School Hanoi in Vietnam.