Students at ICSA through the Service Learning Program created a documentary to raise awareness about disabilities in Abidjan. They began this process by researching about the laws that impact people with disabilities, interviewed specialists in the field and community members, then embarked on a field trip to spend time with the students at our partner special institution AIM. They feel privileged to be embraced by the AIM community and our school is proud of them for being leaders and advocates of inclusion.


Through our Service Learning program our students visited our local partner special school, Imagine Le Monde. They planned this visit to spend time with the students with various needs. They performed a play about the Rainbow Fish which was interpreted for our hearing impaired audience. We all joined in on the fun and made friendship bracelets and got creative with face painting, with our friends. The students interviewed students and teachers as part of their documentary project. The documentary will inform the community about the experiences of people with disabilities in Cote d’Ivoire. They also interviewed a sign language trainer who will visit our school for a teacher training session in Sign Language.

This month we held a teacher training workshop for our local partner school Luke International School with a focus on Understanding Special Needs. This was also an effort to empower educators on how to make learning and the classroom environment more accessible for students with needs. During the discussion a look at the local laws which advocate for people with disabilities’ and the cultural influences that affect how disabilities are viewed were explored.

A Newsletter from the Board Members of SENIA.