On January 27, we hosted a wonderful networking event in Sofia to connect educators and service providers in our community.

We are excited to see our organisation growing to include all types of educators, therapists, and educational psychologists. It was a wonderful opportunity for guests to learn more about SENIA as well as share their experiences, resources, and vision for the future of inclusive education.

Thank you to everyone who joined us, we can’t wait for the next one!

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Lat December, we had the incredible pleasure to host Dr. Stephen Shore in Sofia, Bulgaria!
Dr. Stephen Shore is an autistic professor of special education at Adelphi University in the United States. He is also an author and speaker, and was recently a keynote speaker at the 2022 SENIA Europe Conference in Bonn.
The Anglo-American School of Sofia hosted Dr. Shore, where he was able to speak with educators, students, and parents in the community. Dr. Shore presented on topics including the 4 A’s of Autism, Bullying, and Sensory Diets. Our team of educators were especially engaged when they had to step into the place of an individual experiencing sensory overload – a unique and challenging experience for many!
We are so grateful to Dr. Shore for sharing his knowledge and experiences to help our community grow.

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SENIA Bulgaria’s Inaugural Networking Event 🎉

We are proud to invite professionals and educators from across Sofia to attend SENIA Bulgaria’s first networking event. Attendees will learn more about SENIA Bulgaria and our mission, connect with other professionals who work with the special needs community, and learn how we support each other in our vision for a more inclusive world.
This event will be hosted at the Anglo-American School of Sofia on June 8, 2022 from 9:00-10:30. Coffee, tea, and small snacks will be provided.
If you are a professional or an educator in Sofia who works with children with special needs and would like to attend, please email Cassie at cnutini@aas-sofia.org.

Our Mission

The Special Education Network Inclusion Association (SENIA) is an association of educators, professionals, and parents whose mission is to advocate for and provide resources/supports for differently-abled individuals.

Our Vision

To live in an inclusive world where every individual is supported, resources are accessible, potential is maximized, and action is inspired. SENIA Bulgaria also aims to help educational professionals establish effective ways to promote inclusion and diversity.

Amanda Frank


Amanda Frank is one of the co-chairs for SENIA Bulgaria. Amanda has worked in the field of special education in Los Angeles, Boston, Ecuador, and Bulgaria supporting children and adults aged 2-22 for 15 years. She has been a board-certified behavior analyst for 10 years and has worked in both in-home and school environments. She is currently the PreK-12 Behaviour Specialist at the Anglo-American School of Sofia.


Joe Gorski


Joe Gorski has been an educator for over 15 years and worked in Japan, Canada, New York City, Denmark, and Bulgaria. He was part of SENIA Japan for many years (and former co-chair of the board). Currently, he is the Director of Student Support Services at the Anglo-American School of Sofia.



Kat Harjula

Communications and Social Media and Community Liason

Kat Harjula has been teaching in international schools for nearly twenty years in South Korea, Thailand, Bangladesh, Latvia, and Bulgaria.  She is currently a homeroom teacher in the elementary school at the Anglo-American School of Sofia.



Eleftheria Patsika

Treasurer, Graphic Designer

Eleftheria Patsika is a talented designer and skilled learning support teacher.  She has been in the Elementary School of the Anglo American School of Sofia for the past three years.  Originally from Greece, she has been in Bulgaria for 6 years.





Amy Dincuff


Amy Dincuff has been teaching Learning Support and English as a Second Language for 16 years. She is originally from the United States where she taught K-12 in the suburbs of New Jersey as well as in Spanish Harlem in New York City. Internationally, she has worked in London, England and is currently a middle and high school learning support specialist at the Anglo-American School of Sofia.


Ruslana Anastasova

Local Service Provider Representative

Ruslana Anastasova is an occupational therapist and learning support specialist. She has been supporting children and their families for more than 20 years. Ruslana served the Anglo-American School of Sofia for 10 years as a learning support specialist. She is also an active member and one of the the chair members of Bulgarian Occupational Therapy Association. Currently, she has her own private practice as an occupational therapist located in Sofia, Bulgaria.