Raji is currently working the Special Educational Needs Teacher at Shen Wai International School in Shenzhen. She has a Masters in Special Education from the University of Southern Queensland. She has been trained in various methods of multi-sensory remedial intervention to support the learning of students. Raji is passionate about teaching students with Dyslexia and is an advocate in supporting students with this specific learning need.

Prior to arriving in China starting from this academic year, Raji has been living in Singapore for the past 33 years and has been working with children with learning needs for over 20 years. She has worked with the Dyslexia Association of Singapore as an Educational Therapist and in various international schools in Singapore as a learning support teacher.

When not working, Raji is interested in keeping herself physically and mentally fit with yoga and exercise. Her interests are cooking, badminton, hiking, and reading.





Ross is an English Language Learning Coordinator at BASIS International School in Shenzhen, China. Originally from the United States, he has a Master’s degree in Education with a focus on Integrative Learning and Technology in Education.
Professionally, he is working on developing better strategies to integrate more students into support services, with better allowances for second language learners, as well as furthering techniques for differentiation across student populations that have many concerns.

Ross’ non-educational interests include reading, dancing, and various flavors of role-playing games.

Master of Education
Bachelor of Education Studies
Certificate in Advanced Leadership

I possess over 30 years of experience in education at both national and international level and have taught in ten countries. Currently I am the Early Years and Primary Assistant Principal responsible for PreK – Grade 2 at Shen Wai International School. I have led teams and committees to develop curriculum, influence and mentor new teachers and empower them to take risks and affect positive outcomes.

My varied international experiences and cultural background has enabled me to value trust, collaboration and building positive and firm relationships with the professional community. As an experienced international educator, my collective core competencies contribute to my commitment to building a community of inquirers and knowledgeable professionals.

As a researcher, writer, regional conference presenter, school evaluator and educator promoting inclusion, inquiry and self-determined learners, I believe that all students can learn when given the best fit transactional support to make them successful. This I hope to achieve as I serve our community here in Shenzhen and beyond.

Master of Library and Information Science
Bachelor of Science
ISTE Certified Educator
Microsoft Innovative Educator Trainer & Apple Teacher

Silky Vyas is presently the EY and PYP ICT Coach at Shen Wai International School, Shenzhen.

With more than twelve years of teaching experience in IB schools, she collaborates with teachers to integrate technology and information fluency skills into the curriculum.

She coaches the classroom and specialist teachers to use technology to create, adapt and personalize learning experiences for all students and empower them as independent learners.

She is passionate about new technology tools for making teaching and learning compelling, relevant, and with rigor. She is also keen on exploring the uses of immersive and assistive technology tools that are meaningful, engaging, and interactive.

Matt is the 4th-grade EAL teacher at Shekou International School in Shenzhen, China. Originally from the United States, he has a bachelor’s degree in Special Education from Miami University and is currently pursuing his master’s degree in Curriculum & Instruction with an ESL focus from the University of Virginia.

Prior to working at SIS, he was the learning support teacher at the Australian International School Bangkok. He also served on the SENIA Thailand Board of Directors acting as the organization’s Treasurer. Before working in Thailand he was an elementary ESL teacher at a local Taiwanese public school in Taipei, Taiwan.

Professionally, he is interested in support services delivery and organizational structures, strategies for students with Dyslexia, and finding ways of supporting students who have both language and learning needs.

Matt’s non-educational interests include cycling, badminton, hiking, fitness, reading, all things related to green tea, and trying out new cafes.