Nurazwin Liyana Binti Abdullah has proven that individuals with a hearing impairment can always find different ways to showcase their talents through her monologue and poetry performances in sign language. Nurazwin Liyana’s monologue performance titled “Mother” received recognition at “Les Etoiles De Paris 2021” Art Festival (Nov 2021). She also performed sign language poetry at George Town Literary Festival, the biggest literary event in Malaysia, and at a national OKU (individuals with disabilities) convention organized by Malaya University, a renowned national university. She leads her school team in sign language performing arts and trains for performances and competitions. Her monologue performance can be viewed here:

Congratulations to Nurazwin Liyana Binti Abdullah as December’s 2021 SENIA World Changer Award winner!

Dr. Elizabeth Henry, affectionately known as Dr. Liz. She is a nationally renowned, board-certified pediatrician, speaker, author, parent coach, and youth advocate.

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Welcome back to another year of Roundtable discussions with Erin Madonna and Lori Boll.

Cath is an artist who illustrates and educates about marginalised experiences for positive change – with a focus on identity, belonging and expat life.

At just 4 years of age, Rashwin has made it into the Malaysia Book of Records for being able to identify the most number of international flags.  As a child with autism,  the impact of this award has helped raise awareness of the strengths and mental capabilities of people with autism in the local and national community. Too often there is the focus on what a child cannot do, instead Rashwin is focusing on what he can do and creating awareness about autism along the way.  His mom has been instrumental in advocating for the inclusion of children with autism in our everyday society through her blog, My AutismAmazing SONshine. This blog features her son’s journey as well as sharing resources and providing support for parents.  Her aim is to create an inclusive society, where all children are seen for their abilities. She is slowly seeing a positive change in perspective and hopes that this will grow!

Congratulations to Rashwin Kalithas as our November World Changer Award winner!