IGBIS participates in Inclusive Schools Week 2019

IGBIS also participated in Inclusive Schools week. We considered how to raise awareness, increase knowledge and change the system to reduce inequality.

We were finally able to put together a Parent Volunteer Organisation Committee for Inclusion, and parents carefully planned the lead up to the Week and the Week itself. Posters about inclusion and the “colouring” of the Phoenix, our school mascot, with colours representing diversity kept the community actively thinking about inclusion in preparation for it. Throughout the week, lunchtime storytelling sessions in the library were held, and each day of the week showcased a new learning opportunity for the several school constituents – Monday involved a presentation for Elementary students during their weekly assembly; Tuesday saw a whole school “dare to be different” themed dress up day; Wednesday was targeted to parents and students, with a workshop and movie shorts showing all day; Thursday was Random Acts of Kindness Day, with pay-it-forward kindness-related messages for all and a photobooth, with people standing in as the “i” in “kind”; and finally Friday wrapped the week up with an evening family movie screening and cooperative game night.