SENIA Penang Conference Presenter: Peggy Lam’s Reflection


Circle of Friendship as a tool for Sexual and Safety Education by Peggy Lam


Thank you, Penang, for your hospitality and enthusiasm about learning! At the SENIA Malaysia Conference held on 16-17 November 2019, I share on the above topic on both days. I had been using this series to work with my students with low to moderate abilities to understand the concepts of sexual and safety education. 

The participants are a mixture of parents, educators, and professionals. At the sessions, we discussed the importance of using the right words, age and level of understanding and how to use the Circle of Friendship as a tool.

The participants are then divided into groups according to the age group that they work with. They have the opportunity to learn how to use the Circle of Friendship series and modified the materials for application for different ages.