Meet the 2019-2020 SENIA KLMalaysia Board Members


Peggy Lam

xM.Ed. in Special Education, 

B.S. in Business Administration, 

Dip. in Learning Management and Child Psychology


Peggy is a Special Education Consultant. Her biggest desire is to help and work with individuals with learning disabilities to live independently. She aims to help them understand how unique each of them is despite their challenges and to make a difference in their lives. She enjoys exploring alternative strategies to work with individuals and believes in creating awareness and advocate for the welfare of individuals. 

Her first degree is from Iowa State University, the USA in Bachelors of Science in Business Administration. It is from her travel in the United Kingdom and around Europe that prompted her to work with individuals with learning disabilities. She earned a Diploma in Learning Management and Child Psychology from the College of Allied Educators in 2010. In 2016, she graduated with a Master in Education with a major in Special Education from the University of Southern Queensland, Australia. 

Besides her teaching qualifications, she is trained to administer the Therapeutic Listening with the Whole Body and Job Coaching. She also uses various skills in her teaching related to Behaviour Management, Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA), Relationship Development Intervention (RDI), Executive Functioning, Mindfulness, Social Thinking, and Lego Therapy. 

Peggy’s other interests and experience include her volunteering with the special children at church. In 2014, together with four other individuals, they started the Special Education Network in Asia’s (SENIA) chapter in Malaysia. Their mission is to develop a network that promotes awareness and advocacy for individuals with special education needs Currently, she serves as one of the Executive Board members as the Board Secretary. In December 2017, she also volunteered with Autism Initiatives Malaysia (AIM). AIM is a network of individuals working together to develop both private and public sector support to improve the lives of those affected by autism spectrum condition. She served as the Finance and Secretariat to the Organising Committee of the 1st AIM Symposium on July 2018.


Lizzie Hudson

M.Ed Inclusive and Special Education

BA Hons Linguistic and Language Pathology


Lizzie has worked in schools supporting students for over 15 years. Her focus is always on ensuring that every child is included, both academically and socially. Every teacher is responsible for the inclusion of every student. 

Lizzie earned her undergrad degree at The University of Reading, England while her Masters was undertaken at The University of Hong Kong in Hong Kong. She is currently working on a Certificate of Inclusive Leadership through Lead Inclusion. 

Lizzie has lived and worked in the US, Mexico, South Korea, Hong Kong, Thailand and Malaysia. She joined the SENIA Malaysia board in 2017.

Other than teaching, Lizzie enjoys trail running, cooking, gardening and reading. She also enjoys spending time with her husband and two young children, exploring Malaysia and staying active. 


Di McLean

Bachelor of Arts in Education – Special Education

Bachelor of Education – Deaf Education

Working towards Master of Science – Speech Pathology

Di is a Learning Enrichment teacher at the Australian International School Malaysia. Her passions are early intervention and inclusive education and she is also a strong advocate for newborn hearing screening programs and early detection of hearing impairment and auditory habilitation.

Di’s experience includes over 27 years of teaching in both public and private schools in Australia and Malaysia and also working in early intervention programs as part of a multidisciplinary team. She has worked in therapy settings providing Auditory Verbal Therapy and also at schools supporting students in inclusive education.

Di has a decade of experience presenting teacher workshops and professional development in Western Australia on early intervention and language development including providing strategies to support students with language delays or disorders. 

Whilst in Malaysia, Di has helped set up networks amongst SENCO teachers across KL and serves as the Community Outreach board member for SENIA Malaysia. Her goal is to help set up more networks across other areas of Malaysia and to continue to advocate for high quality Inclusive Education. 

Chris Wright

Masters in Teaching and Curriculum

Masters in International Counseling

Chris is an Elementary counsellor at the International School of Kuala Lumpur working with students aged, 3 to 8 years old. With a focus on mindfulness and being aware of present experiences, she advocates for children to learn and be curious about their own emotional intelligence, including teaching children to understand how their brain works.

Chris experience includes over 23 years in education both in public schools in California and international schools in Asia since 1999. Born in Canada, Chris has lived in USA, Cambodia, Japan, Philippines and Malaysia. She joined the SENIA Malaysia board in 2015.

Chris’s outside passions include, dogs, scuba diving, underwater photography, running and being active. She is also fortunate enough to work alongside her husband and they have a love for traveling to new countries and underwater photography.


Loh Lin Khuan

Bachelor in Early Childhood Education

Diploma in Montessori – Elementary

Diploma in Montessori – Preschool

Lin has been in the educational line for about 35 years spanning her experience from teaching toddlers all the way to elementary. She is a passionate educator who strives for quality education that is beyond academic excellence, that every child should be given an opportunity to learn and that the child is the most important person in the school.  She believes that every child will succeed when careful observation is done followed strongly by teacher –parent-led approach.

She holds true to the belief that education is for life and that together with character building, relationship, and independent learning the child will succeed in realizing his/her fullest potential and skillsets to be a productive member of society. She is an advocate for inclusive education for many years and holds fast to the value that all should work together and supports that no child should be left behind.

Her goal at this stage is to ensure that those whom she trains will also commit to always putting the children first and create a learning environment that promotes a holistic educational experience for all learners in a fun way.

Lin believes in continuous education and always looks forward to learning from others as well as to share what she has learned. Lin conducts regular Montessori training programs and workshops for professional staff development and parents’ workshop. She is presently the senior principal at Tree Top House, a founding member of SENIA Malaysia, treasurer for Toy Library Malaysia and SENIA Malaysia.

Lin is married with 2 children aged 25 and 24years.

In her spare time, Lin loves to sing and is an avid traveller, reader and enjoys travelling with her colleagues to learn about different cultures, Montessori education, freedom within limits and inclusive education