Muhammad Aizat Izzuddin Bin Azme May 2021 SENIA World Changer Award Recipient

Aizat Izzuddin is an art enthusiast as well as a poetry performer, a storyteller, a voice actor, an illustrator and an orator. He, along with his classmate, narrated three short stories and recited three poems at the art festival “2020 Tiny Lit Fest”, hosted virtually by an association in Brunei.The two students became the first Malaysians to take part in the art festival as performers. In early 2021, Aizat represented Malaysia to compete at the Asian English Olympics organized by an Indonesian university where he participated in the storytelling category, together with two of his classmates. He was one of the first individuals with disabilities to take part in the event as contestants. His accomplishments in literary, performing and visuals arts have catalyzed the active participation of special needs learners in various arts events in his community. More students have been inspired to participate in the art festivals being held locally, nationally and internationally.

Congratulations to Muhammad Aizat Izzuddin Bin Azme as the recipient of the 2021 May World Changer Award!

Aizat’s short story presentations and poetry along with his classmates can be accessed via this link: https://youtu.be/YkeS2ohTe_Y